Passenger Amenities

Shelter Program

Bus stop shelters greatly improve the public transportation experience by providing riders with a safe waiting area, protection during inclement weather and service information. Pace's multifaceted shelter program can meet the needs of all northeastern Illinois communities.

Bus stop shelters are generally located in roadway rights-of-way unless private property owners have consented to the shelter being placed on their property. In situations in which a sidewalk connection to the shelter location is needed, Pace can partner with the municipality or property owner to complete that construction work.

Pace's shelter program includes other amenities that improve the experience for waiting passengers. Most shelters have a map and schedule of the bus route inside the shelter. Some shelters also contain a QR code, which can be scanned with a smartphone to provide real-time bus arrival information for that bus stop.

Types of shelters

Advertising Shelters

There are more than 450 advertising shelters, implemented jointly by Pace and Intersection Media, in suburban communities throughout Pace'ss service area. The revenue stream generated from advertisers offsets the cost of regular maintenance and cleaning. Electric lighting in the shelter offers enhanced passenger security.

Pace's municipal partners (or, in some cases, private property owners) can choose from among six modern shelter styles. See our promotional brochure for images of all the styles.

Shelter Style Four


Shelter Style One


Pace sets forth strict guidelines for advertisements placed in these shelters, and allows free ad space (when available) for municipalities and non-profits for the promotion of local events. In addition to providing their constituents a more hospitable environment to wait for the bus, municipal governments or private property owners who approve ad shelters on their property also share in the advertising revenue generated by these shelters. Pace distributes thousands of dollars each year to municipalities as part of this program, even while Pace incurs the cost of buying and installing the shelters.

Non-Ad Shelters

There are already approximately 500 non-ad shelters in the Pace region. New shelters are most often installed in response to external requests, for which Pace obtains the necessary approvals from the municipality, IDOT and/or the county.

This non-ad shelter design is prevalent in many communities in northeastern Illinois.
This non-ad shelter design is prevalent in many communities in northeastern Illinois.

For all non-ad shelters, Pace staff provides repair service on demand, and a contractor maintains and thoroughly cleans the shelters up to twice per month.

Requesting a shelter

Individuals or communities interested in recommending that a bus stop shelter be installed at a particular location should contact Doug Sullivan.

Pace staff will review ridership statistics for the recommended site to determine its viability. Locations with existing concrete pads (or a local partner's willingness to pour a new concrete pad) are much easier to accommodate. If a unit of local government or property owner desires a special shelter design apart from those offered by Pace, Pace is willing to work with requestors to subsidize their purchase of a non-standard shelter.

To report damage to a Pace bus stop sign or shelter in northeastern Illinois, contact Peter Sisto.


Other Passenger Amenities

Lighted Signs

Nearly every Pace route has bus stop signs posted along the route Some bus stop signs are on poles with solar-powered lamps.with the bus route number and Pace's customer relations phone number. Some bus stop signs are on poles with solar-powered lamps that can be illuminated at night by a passenger to enhance security and more effectively alert the driver that a passenger is waiting at the stop.

Transit Centers

Pace, through partnerships with its external stakeholders, has invested heavily in building transit centers at locations with significant passenger activity. This page shows the list of current transit centers.

Some bus stop signs are on poles with solar-powered lamps.

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