Accessible Fixed Route Bus Service


Pace was the first transit agency in northeastern Illinois and the second in the state to achieve a fully accessible fixed route bus fleet. In 2015, Pace received a perfect score in an enhanced review of Pace's ADA Paratransit policies and operations conducted by the Federal Transit Administration. Accessible public transportation ensures that people with disabilities have equal access in their pursuit of personal, educational and professional ambitions and to participate fully in public life. Public transportation, public spaces and communications are now more accessible than ever.

This year we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act. As a proud partner of ADA25 Chicago, Pace is committed to providing efficient, reliable accessible transit services to the residents of the six county northeast region. Accessible public transportation ensures that people with disabilities have equal access to their pursuit of personal, educational and professional ambitions and to participate fully in public life. Public transportation, public spaces and communications are now more accessible than ever.

Pace's accessible service includes:

  • A fully accessible fixed route bus fleet.
  • Buses that "kneel"and are equipped with ramps for accessible boarding.
  • Buses that have designated priority seating areas for people with disabilities and older adults, as well as wheelchair securement areas. Bus operators will assist riders with disabilities to board and exit vehicles, and will assist with securing wheelchairs and other mobility devices, if needed.
  • Buses that have automated audio and visual route identification and stop announcements.
  • A shelter program that provides for the ability to install new shelters that are fully accessible as well as retrofitting old shelters for accessibility.
  • ADA Paratransit service, which includes both the Pace and CTA ADA service areas, and is among the largest in the country covering the largest geographic area in the U.S.

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ADA 25 Chicago is a network of civic partners who have come together to commemorate and advance a civil rights milestone -the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 2015. The ADA recognizes that disability is a natural part of the human experience, as people with disabilities are our family, friends, neighbors, teachers, doctors, lawyers and public officials. It protects the rights of all people with disabilities, both apparent and non-apparent. Despite 25 years of progress, people with disabilities still have higher poverty rates, lower employment and poorer educational outcomes than those without disabilities. Visit to learn more and find ADA25 Chicago events near you.

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The RTA is committed to assuring that riders in our region - regardless of income, age or physical ability - have access to and understand how to use the region's transit system. Accessibility features are offered throughout the RTA region's transit system. In the first of a planned series of educational videos, the RTA Mobility Management Video Series - Accessibility Features video, you will learn about all the accessibility features found on Pace buses, CTA buses and "L"trains and Metra trains. Learn more at

Pace will provide, upon request, passenger assistance cards for passengers that may need assistance to communicate unique requirements to Pace bus operators. Please call Pace Customer Relations at 847-364-7223 for additional information.

Accessibility Details

Announcing Stops

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires using the public address system (PA) to announce stops and routes. All Pace operators will announce routes, transfer points and major intersections, as well as any requested stops.


  • Reduced Fares
    Passengers who are eligible for ADA Paratransit Services are automatically eligible to use Pace fixed route services at half the regular fare. For passengers who travel with an attendant, the attendant will also be eligible for the reduced fare for accompanied trips on fixed route services. In both cases, the ADA Paratransit Services ID card or RTA Reduced Fare permit must be shown to the operator.

    The RTA Reduced Fare Permit enables senior citizens (65 and older) and qualified persons with disabilities to ride all RTA services at a reduced rate. For information on how to apply for an RTA Reduced Fare Permit, please call 836-7000 (all area codes) or 1-800-439-2202 (TTY).

  • Handling Fares or Fare Cards
    Operators may assist with fares or fare cards for passengers with disabilities upon request.
  • Exact Fares are Required
    Please have your exact fare ready and in a convenient location if assistance is needed when boarding the bus. Operators cannot make change.
  • Transfers
    Pace provides transfers at an additional cost when transferring to other Pace and CTA services and should be requested from the operator upon boarding.
Boarding / Alighting
  • Passengers who use mobile assistive devices will be boarded and alighted prior to boarding and alighting other passengers.
  • Operators will assist passengers boarding and alighting upon request.
  • Operators will kneel (lower) the bus, deploy the ramp or lift at bus stops, if requested.
  • Extra caution and assistance may be required at locations where there is no curb on which to deploy the ramp or where the stop or pathway is inaccessible.
Back-Up Policy
If there is a lift failure or service interruption and the next bus is scheduled to arrive within thirty (30) minutes, a back-up van is optional. If the wait is over thirty (30) minutes, a back-up lift or ramp equipped vehicle will be dispatched.

In all cases, the operator is required to contact the dispatcher and wait until the dispatcher's instructions have been relayed to the waiting passenger.

In the event of an emergency involving Pace fixed route service, please call the Pace or contractor's garage that operates the service first. The garage phone number is on the schedule. If you are unable to reach the garage or require TTY, call the RTA Travel Information Center at: 836-7000 (voice), no area code is required, or 1-800-439-2202 (TTY). Ask to speak to a supervisor, who will contact Pace emergency staff.

Operators have been trained in the proper use of the securement systems. Optional lap belts and shoulder harnesses will be offered for your use. If you have concerns regarding the securement of your mobile assistive device, please contact Pace Customer Relations at 847-364-PACE(7223).

Priority Seating/Securement Area
A priority seating area is designated at the front of the bus for seniors and riders with disabilities. A designated seating area is also available on the bus for users of mobile assistive devices. If other passengers are using these seats, please let the operator know and the operator will politely ask them to move.

Service Animals
Persons with disabilities who use service animals are allowed to board with their service animals. A service animal is an animal that has been individually trained to assist a person with a disability.

Prohibited Behavior

With the exception of passengers who may require water or a snack for health reasons, no eating or drinking is allowed on the bus.

Accessible Fixed Route Bus Service


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25th Anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act

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