Posted-stops-only conversion project

Pace is in the process of converting all of its bus routes to a posted-stops-only operation, in which riders would be able to get on and off only at posted bus stop signs. This conversion process involves selecting stops (maximizing safety, ease of access, and bus operational efficiency), installing signs with the updated Pace logo, and informing stakeholders about where boarding and alighting can take place.

What you can expect

Riders of every Pace route will eventually be notified that the route you ride is being converted to a posted-stops-only operation, with an effective date of that change. Riders looking to stay informed should sign up for e-mail alerts or joining Pace on Facebook and Twitter. Once that conversion is announced, the printed and online version of bus schedules will contain a "posted stops only" notation.



Posted Stops Only symbol

Furthermore, riders will receive an on-board handout, well in advance of the conversion date, to inform them of the date of the change, and the location of every bus stop along the route. This handout will also be available online. That way, riders will know where they can get on or off a Pace bus.

Stakeholders such as mayors, county board members, and business owners will also be informed of progress on this project. Any changes that affect their jurisdictions will be communicated to them, well in advance of the date of change. Pace seeks to give them the opportunity to comment on our proposed list of bus stops, and we welcome stakeholder input. We look forward to resolving any concerns before we make an announcement to the riders.

Pace also recognizes that passengers want bus stop shelters to be installed at as many locations as possible. Given budget constraints, installing a shelter at every single bus stop is not feasible, but we do want to improve passenger amenities at high-activity locations.

Check out our progress!

There are 220 routes in the Pace system. Pace is converting them, one-by-one, on the basis of geographic balance throughout our six-county region.

This page contains the list of routes that have already been converted, including the lists of stops along each route.

As the mercury in this thermometer rises, Pace gets closer to our goal of converting each and every bus route.



If you have questions about this project, please contact Customer Relations.


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