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Bid # Category Type Description Awarded To Amount Awarded Date
417424 Fuel IFB Furnishing and Delivery of Diesel Fuel for Various Pace Facilities Petroleum Traders Corporation $10,106,090.00   6/20/2017
417527 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies IFB Refurbishing Bus Rims Chicago United Industries, Ltd. $124,170.00   9/12/2017
417436 Office Supplies IFB Paper Supply for Pace Veritiv Operating Company $150,518.75   8/31/2017
417411 Bus Parts IFB Various Motors and Bus Parts Romaine Electric Corporation - $5,651.40; Kirk's Automotive - $73,200.00; Illinois Auto Central - $260,672.53 $339,523.93   11/10/2017
417884 Consulting, Other IFB Inspection Services & Post-Award Buy America Audits for 85 15-Passenger Vehicles Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
416731 IT, Software IFB Allison DOC Service Tool Software Subscriptuion Clarke Power Services Inc. $43,281.00   9/6/2017
416688 Bus Parts IFB Electronic Modules and Displays I/O Controls Corporation $146,707.48   7/20/2017
417373 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB Snow Plowing and Pavement Salting Services Snow Systems, Inc. $63,480.00   9/6/2017
417204 IT, Hardware IFB Rugged Mobility Tablets CDW Government LLC $47,800.00   7/31/2017
417465 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies IFB Suspension Air Bellows Neopart Transit LLC $79,829.30   10/10/2017
417266 Miscellaneous IFB Bus Parts Cleaning Solvent Exchange and Tank Leasing Service Safety Kleen Systems, Inc. $100,437.44   6/29/2017
417404 Construction Projects IFB I-90 Barrington Road Park-N-Ride Plote Construction, Inc. $3,264,166.81   6/26/2017
414784 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB 2017 Cross-Connection Device Inspections, Testing, Certifications & Plumbing Repairs at Twenty Two (22) Pace Facilities Calumet City Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc. $243,091.00   6/26/2017
417315 Construction Projects IFB Milwaukee Avenue Pulse Stations Path Construction Company $5,935,000.00   7/3/2017
417240 Bus Parts IFB Bus Filters Vehicle Maintenance Program $227,220.28; Suburban Truck Parts $94,322.16; MCI Service Parts $57,678.48; Mohawk Manufacturing & Supply Co. $52,539.48; Muncie Transit Supply $36,150.36; A&A Auto Parts Store $8,452.36; Kirk's Automotive, Inc.$3,122.10 $479,485.22   7/14/2017
416417 IT, Hardware IFB Pace Hardware Refresh Project Mythics, Inc. $4,582,007.98   8/3/2017
417450 Construction Projects IFB Pace Northwest Division Replace Multi- Vehicle Lifts Standard Industrial & Automotive Equipment $450,000.00   8/16/2017
417289 Medical Services IFB Drug Testing Laboratory Services Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417460 Bus Parts IFB Various Coach Filters & Air Dryer Cartridge Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417708 IT, Software IFB Acronis Backup Software Maintenance PC Mall Gov, Inc. $44,050.00   12/6/2017
416392 IT, Software IFB Security Software with Implementation and Support Mythics, Inc. $1,172,887.84   9/8/2017
417358 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB Pace North Shore and Southwest Divisions - Install Twenty (20) New Bollard Light Fixtures and Replace Conduit Airport Electric Company $33,359.00   9/11/2017
417660 Bus Parts IFB Front Axle and Suspension Transit Bus Parts Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417673 Medical Services IFB Medical Services for Two Pace Locations Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417577 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB Removal and Installation of Rotary Screw Air Compressors Oak Brook Mechanical Services $42,990.00   10/27/2017
417510 Miscellaneous IFB Purchase of Natural Gas and Related Management Services Mansfield Power and Gas LLC $2,885,925.00   12/6/2017
417613 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies IFB Diesel Engine and CNG Engine Oils Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417573 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies IFB Heating & Ventilation Transit Bus Parts Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417614 Bus Parts IFB Transmission Fluid & Synthetic Gear Oil Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417574 Bus Parts IFB Pneumatic & Hydraulic Transit Bus Parts Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417206 IT, Consulting IFB ServiceNow Consulting and Service Hours Analytical Intel LLC $240,000.00   10/19/2017
417272 Sale of Surplus Equipment (vehicles, etc.) IFB Sale of Used Fixed Route and Paratransit Buses Chicago Autoplex, Inc. - 10 paratransit buses $6370.00; Mackenzie Johnson - 1 paratransit vehicle $1000.00; Signature Auto Group, Inc. - 12 paratransit buses $9469.00; Scrap Metal Services, LLC - 39 fixed route & 15 paratransit buses $83000.00 $99,839.00   11/8/2017
416052 Health Services/Benefits RFP Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) 401(k) Plan & Trust Recordkeeper Service Provider Great West Life & Annuity Ins. $266,100.00   8/18/2017
416830 Health Services/Benefits RFP Third Party Administrator for Health Benefit Plans Benefit Express Services LLC $704,340.50   8/23/2017
417147 Legal Services RFP Legal Services for Personal Injury, Premises Liability, and General Legal Matters Pretzel & Stouffer Chartered $6,000,000.00   11/10/2017
416771 Legal Services RFP Legal Services for Labor and Employment Relations Matters Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush, DiCianni & Krafthefer PC $2,000,000.00   7/27/2017
416829 Consulting, HR RFP Compensation Study The Segal Company Midwest, Inc. d/b/a Segal Waters Consulting $138,000.00   7/28/2017
417336 IT, Consulting RFP Voice Needs Assessment and Analysis Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417023 Service Agreements (office machines, etc.) RFP Fleet Accident Management & Subrogation Services Fleet Response $1,542,650.00   8/1/2017
416994 Transportation Service RFP Fixed Route Bus Service on Pace Bus Route 905 The Schaumburg Trolley First Student Inc. $2,308,234.00   8/17/2017
416875 Fuel RFP Tax Exempt Fuel Card Program Mansfield Oil Company $44,243,144.60   10/2/2017
416868 Consulting, Other RFP Professional Scheduling Consulting Services CSched USA $85,748.00   8/14/2017
416580 Legal Services RFP Legal Services for Immigration Related Matters Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417269 Consulting, Other RFP Transit Asset Management Plan (TAM Plan) Consulting Services WSP USA, Inc. $995,344.81   10/26/2017
417327 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products RFP Naperville Fixed Route Feeder Service First Student $11,516,663.81   9/26/2017




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