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Bid # Category Type Description Awarded To Amount Awarded Date
416626 Advertising, Marketing RFP Installation of Real-Time Information Hardware and Software Parsons Transportation Group Inc. $3,393,600.00   6/19/2018
416864 IT, Systems IFB Video Conferencing Solution with Audio Visual Maintenance Pace Systems Inc. $549,906.50   5/25/2018
417353 Health Services/Benefits RFP Health Plan Medical and Pharmacy Benefit Program Health Plan Medical Benefit Program: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois $89,887,600.00; Pharmacy Benefit Program: Optum Rx, Inc. $4,711,200.00 $94,598,800.00   10/10/2018
417395 Consulting, Service Planning RFP Professional Program Management Services for Bus Rapid Transit/Arterial Bus Rapid Transit Program HNTB Corporation $365,537.26   9/27/2018
417433 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB Pace Southwest Division Fueling Equipment Improvements Stenstrom Petroleum Services Group $464,361.00   5/11/2018
417440 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies RFP Tire Leasing and Services Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC $5,676,408.72   9/26/2018
417573 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies IFB Heating & Ventilation Transit Bus Parts Gillig LLC $120,744.00; Muncie Transit Supply $8,395.50; Prevost Car (US) Inc $59,850.00 $188,989.50   6/5/2018
417633 Consulting, Other IFB Statistical Support Services for National Transit Database Reporting Northern Illinois University $23,250.00   5/2/2018
417718 Consulting, Finance RFP Investment Consulting Services for the RTA 401(k) Plan Mercer Investment Consulting $258,000.00   8/27/2018
417721 Insurance Services RFP Insurance Brokerage Services Mesirow Insurance Services Inc. $310,000.00   5/30/2018
417747-1 Bus Parts IFB Fully Formulated Premixed 50/50 Antifreeze (Rebid) Rilco, Inc. $76,922.60   7/2/2018
417757-1 IT, Hardware IFB Desktop Computers, Laptops, and Accessories (REBID) AKA Comp Solutions, Inc. $361,460.00   5/2/2018
417779 IT, Software RFP Diversity Contract Management Software Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
417807 Office Machines (copiers, etc.) IFB Printers and Accessories CANCELLED N/A  
417888 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies IFB Starters, Alternators, and Regulators B & C Truck Electric Svc, Inc. $77,468.00; Romaine Electric Co. $55,608.29; P & G Keene Electrical Rebuilders LLC $29,634.64; Muncie Transit Supply $11,638.86; Diesel Injection Service $5,122.00 $179,471.79   8/2/2018
417892 Sale of Surplus Equipment (vehicles, etc.) IFB Sale of Used Computer and Miscellaneous IT Equipment Items Chicago Surplus Computers $1,800.00; MRK Group LTD $2,250.00; ARCOA $280.00 $4,330.00   5/2/2018
417938 Transportation Service RFP Fixed Route Bus Service on Pace Routes 674, 709, 711 and 715 MV Transportation Inc. $7,760,206.21   5/30/2018
417953 Construction Projects IFB West Division Bus Garage Mid-Life Improvements Pacific Construction Services, Inc. $6,148,435.00   4/23/2018
417958 Construction Projects IFB Installation of Concrete Pads John Burns Construction Co. $290,776.00   7/27/2018
417963 Transportation Service RFP Will County Paratransit Services First Transit, Inc. $29,184,170.74   7/20/2018
418014 Miscellaneous IFB Eight (8) 2018 Sports Utility Vehicles Freeway Ford Truck Sales Inc. $195,416.00   6/20/2018
418040 Vehicle Procurement, Rolling Stock RFP Bus Procurement for 30' and 40' Low Floor Diesel Buses Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
418049 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies IFB Collision and Maintenance Body Repairs for Pace CNG Transit Buses Atlas World Class Body Shop, Inc. $216,400.00; Chandler Services, Inc. $216,400.00 $432,800.00   8/6/2018
418064 Consulting, Other RFP Consulting Services for Update of Pace's Vision 2020 Plan Sam Schwartz Consulting LLC $218,933.41   10/8/2018
418067 Service Agreements (office machines, etc.) IFB Pest Control Services Pest Management Services, Inc. $143,796.30; Quality and Excellence Pest Control, Inc. $8,450.00 $152,246.30   5/2/2018
418086 Miscellaneous IFB 2018 Five (5) Half Ton Trucks Roesch Ford $157,065.00   6/20/2018
418088 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB River Division Underground Storage Tank Equipment Improvements Stenstrom Petroleum Services Group $72,799.00   7/2/2018
418099 Consulting, HR RFP Payroll Processing Services CANCELLED N/A  
418112 Construction Projects IFB Northwest Transportation Center Phase II Mid-Life Improvements CANCELLED N/A  
418150 Medical Services IFB On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing Collection Services KRC Enterprises LLC $134,100.00   5/1/2018
418156 Transportation Service IFB Taxicab/Livery Services for Pace Paratransit Services Itasca Services, Inc. DBA Alliance Taxi $7,521,767.74; 303 LLC $33,310,653.94; 1st Choice Taxi of Naperville $1,392,605.68; Freedom 1st Transportation LLC $6,648,089.41 $48,873,116.77   8/31/2018
418201 Transportation Service RFP Taxi Access Program and Mobility Direct Program Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
418205 Printing Services/Printed Materials IFB Printing and Delivery of Pace ADA Paratransit Service Tickets CTI USA, Inc. dba Globe Ticket Company $283,245.88   8/6/2018
418230 Bus Parts IFB Pulleys, Valves and Injectors Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
418246 Construction Projects IFB Randall Road Transit Improvements Landmark Contractors, Inc. $1,173,775.00   7/24/2018
418259 Sale of Surplus Equipment (vehicles, etc.) IFB Sale of Used Fixed Route Vehicles Sims Metal Management $81,018.00; Scrap Metal Services, LLC $920.00 $81,938.00   7/13/2018
418262 Landscape Services IFB Snow and Ice Removal Services at Sixteen (16) Pace Passenger Facilities Snow & Ice Management Services, Inc. $792,771.00; Beary Landscape Management $112,410.00; Snow Systems, Inc. $64,305.00 $969,486.00   10/16/2018
418269 Fuel IFB Diesel Fuel for Various Pace Facilities Petroleum Traders Corporation $11,536,306.70   6/14/2018
418303 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB Underground Storage Containment Sump Testing at Ten (10) Pace Facilities Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
418307 Miscellaneous IFB Off the Shelf Uniform Program Galls LLC $2,429,096.95   9/27/2018
418309 Office Supplies IFB Paper Supply Midland Paper $171,729.40   9/7/2018
418387 Bus Parts IFB Exhaust Modules Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
418394 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB Removal of Non-Hazardous Special Waste at Ten (10) Facilities All City Environmental Services, Inc. $686,945.00   9/26/2018
418405 Miscellaneous RFP Transportation of Revenue Collection Equipment and Revenue Counting Services Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
418413 Facilities Maintenance, Services, Products IFB Steelcase Office Furniture Products and Services Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
418467 IT, Software IFB SmartNet Maintenance Renewal for Cisco Systems Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
418496 Maintenance, Repair & Operating Supplies IFB Diesel & CNG Engine Oils Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  
418567 Sale of Surplus Equipment (vehicles, etc.) IFB Sale of Used Paratransit and Fixed Route Vehicles Opened, not yet Awarded N/A  




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