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Paratransit Service
ADA/Paratransit Service

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Fixed Route Bus System

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For assistance, call Pace Paratransit Service Customer Relations.

Voice (800) 606-1282

TTY 708-339-4062


Paratransit Services

Chicago ADA Service

Chicago ADA Service
For more information, call

 (TTY 708-339-4062).

To schedule trips:

Service Area 1 (South Zone - 71st St. south to Sibley)
   Voice ----866-926-9631
   TTY -----866-764-1134

Service Area 2 (Central  Zone - between 71st St and Fullerton)
   Voice --- 866-926-9632
   TTY -----866-764-1135

Service Area 3 (North Zone - Fullerton north to Central)
   Voice --- 866-926-9633
   TTY ---- 866-764-1136

Unsure what Service Area to call?  See map or call 1-800-606-1282 for help.

Reservations for the Chicago ADA services are taken Monday through Sunday 6:00am to 6:00pm. 

Helpful information

Fare Information: Persons with disabilities and seniors (65+) who are enrolled in Circuit Breaker can ride CTA, Pace and Metra fixed route buses and trains for free. All other persons with disabilities ride fixed routes for half-price. The fare for an ADA paratransit trip in Chicago is $3.00.

If you believe your trip was excessively long, please let us know by filling in the "Passenger Ride Time Report Form".

Be informed of your rights and responsibilities as an ADA paratransit rider by reading the Chicago Paratransit Riders' Guide.

Scheduling tips for appointments

When you are scheduling your trip, the call taker will ask you if you have an appointment time. Let him/her know so they can schedule appropriately. Be sure to allow enough time to get from the vehicle to the actual appointment. For example: if you have to be at work or have a medical appointment at 9:00, but will need fifteen minutes to get to your desk or get signed in, tell the call taker your appointment is at 8:45.

Pace strives to get all riders to their appointments on time. However, because of factors beyond our control (i.e., traffic, weather, etc.), we have established an on-time performance standard for appointment arrivals of 90%.

It is to your advantage as the ADA Paratransit rider to schedule each of your trips at a time when you are confident you will be able to meet your vehicle. For instance, if your work shift ends at 5pm and it takes you 6 minutes to get to the front door of your building, you should schedule your pick-up at 5:10pm, not 5:00pm.

A common situation in which missed trips occur is at medical facilities. Doctor's appointments are rarely on time! If you predict your appointment will take 45 minutes and it is scheduled for 10:00am, it is recommended that you give yourself an extra 30-60 minutes when scheduling your pick-up at the doctor's office. In that case, you might schedule your trip for 11:30am instead of 10:45am. That way, you can be confident you won't miss your trip and have to deal with the hassle of a same-day trip change.

Remember, it is your responsibility as a paratransit rider to meet your vehicle at the time you have scheduled your pick-up. The driver will only wait five minutes after the scheduled pick-up time. If you are more than five minutes lateóregardless of the circumstances causing you to be lateóthe driver will leave and you will be charged with a "no-show".


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