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Small Business Enterprise program

Pace's Small Business Enterprise (SBE) program provides greater opportunity for small businesses to participate in Pace's contracting process as prime contractors. Under the SBE program, projects estimated to cost between $40,000 and $200,000 will be reviewed to determine if they can be set aside for competitive bidding among only qualifying SBE firms.

Firms looking to participate in SBE set-aside procurements must be certified by meeting the following requirements:

New Small Business Enterprise program
  • Be an independently owned, for-profit business;

  • Be owned by an individual with a personal net worth less than $1.32 million; and

  • Meet the Small Business Administration's (SBA) size standard, and not exceed $23.98 million in gross annual receipts.

Companies that are DBE-certified are automatically eligible to participate in the SBE program (per the Code of Federal Regulations 49 Part 26.39). The SBE Program is race- and gender-neutral, consistent with Pace's goal to ensure that businesses of all types and sizes have the opportunity to participate on projects. Areas of opportunity may include but are not limited to materials, supplies, and equipment.

All businesses interested in bidding on Pace small business set-aside contracts must be a registered DBE or SBE with Pace or one of the other four Illinois Unified Certification Program (ILUCP), members: Chicago Transit Authority, Metra, Illinois Department of Transportation and the City of Chicago.

For additional information on the DBE and SBE certification processes or to download the application, visit: http://www.pacebus.com/sub/purchasing/dbe_program.asp.



E-mail Notification Service

An email subscription service is now available to our customers. This notification system allows customers to subscribe to specific information based entirely on their needs (such as routes, schedules, fares and other rider information), and receive real-time updates once information is made available.

E-mail notifications are sent automatically to subscribers when new information is posted to Pace's website. Pace will provide passengers with current and up-to-date information about issues that affect their trips on public transportation.

To learn more or to subscribe please click here.






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