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Fox Valley Market Analysis & Restructuring

Better Transit for Fox Valley Starts October 26, 2015

Traveling with Pace is about to get even easier with later, more frequent service and routing designed to better serve our valued passengers in the Fox Valley region. This streamlined network of service with more direct routes is easier to understand and simplifies transfers between routes and our Call-n-Ride services. New destinations include the Walmart Supercenter near Kirk and Butterfield Roads and Woodman′s on Orchard Road. Most service now runs until 8 pm or later, and runs every 30 minutes. Updated schedule and map previews will be available soon. A map of the restructured Fox Valley network can be viewed by clicking this link. 


Below is a summary of the Phase One changes to Pace′s Fox Valley Services.

Two new services are added:


Five existing services have changes to their timing and routing/boundary:

  • Route 524 extends north along Randall Road to serve new destinations including Woodman′s.
  • Route 532 is converted to a peak-only commuter service.
  • Route 533 has local routing changes and extends north to serve the Walmart Supercenter.
  • Route 802 adds service to Mercy Medical Center and adds a new northern branch running along Randall Road.
  • The Batavia Call-n-Ride has an expanded service area and is adjusted to make connections with Routes 801 and 802.


Two existing services have changes to their timing only:

  • Route 530 is adjusted to make connections at the Aurora Transportation Center and expand evening hours.
  • The St. Charles-Geneva Call-n-Ride is adjusted to make connections with Routes 801 and 802.


Three existing services are eliminated:


Routes 534, 672, 673, and 675 have not had any service changes. School trips have not changed, but may have different route numbers.  

Watch for on board and online notices about the implementation of Phase Two, which is expected to occur in early 2016. 


Project History

Over the past two decades, the Fox Valley area has seen significant population growth, but ridership on public transit on buses in this area has dropped by 40% since 2000.

Additionally, while the Hispanic community represents 41% of Aurora′s population, only 19% of our riders are Hispanic, according to a recent survey, indicating there are opportunities to improve service for this community. To address these trends, Pace began a study of the Fox Valley area′s transit needs and to redesign our bus services accordingly. A market analysis studying the area′s travel patterns and preferences was completed in February, 2015. This study included a survey of 878 local residents and employees, as well as focus groups of Hispanic residents. More information on this effort can be found in the "Project Documents"section below.

Based on what we learned from the market analysis, Pace staff identified a set of goals to guide the bus network redesign. In the section below, we outline these goals and describe the changes that are proposed to improve Pace services so that they better match current travel patterns and community preferences.

In June and July, 2015, Pace held four public meetings and one public hearing to present the proposed Fox Valley Initiative restructuring plan and gather feedback from are stakeholders. Staff presented the input gathered at these events and the restructuring plan to the Pace Board of Directors at their August 12, 2015 meeting. That meeting can be viewed online.


Planned Improvements

The new Fox Valley network extends service to new destinations that have developed near Aurora′s eastern and northern boundaries. New timed transfer points are created where customers can easily connect between routes. And service frequency improves on most routes to every 30 minutes, with evening service running until at least 8pm on weekdays. A map of the restructured Fox Valley network can be viewed by clicking this link.

Updated schedule and map previews will be available soon.

This restructuring represents an increased investment by Pace, with financial assistance from the RTA ICE program. These improvements involve dramatic changes to the Fox Valley network with an emphasis on building ridership by serving the destinations and areas with the highest demand. After the changes are implemented, Pace projects bus ridership in the area could grow by approximately 30%, and the number of residents in the area with easy access to transit could grow by approximately 21,000.

Fox Valley Network Restructuring Goals

Pace set four basic goals for this restructuring. These were selected primarily to reflect the priorities that were identified in our market analysis survey.

  1.  Extend service to new destinations that have high travel demand. This was the top-rated improvement chosen in the survey, and several major destinations were identified that are beyond the reach of our current network.
  2.  Provide more frequent service during more hours of the day. The survey results show a strong desire for service to be more frequent and run for more hours of the day. Current riders were especially interested in adding evening service, while non-riders were especially interested in service frequency.
  3.  Replace routes that perform poorly, but maintain service to key destinations. Many of Pace′s Fox Valley-area routes fail to meet ridership goals and should be redesigned. Important community destinations will continue to be served in the new network, but we will work to find methods of serving them in new ways that can attract better ridership.
  4.  Simplify the transit network. Our research showed that most people are unfamiliar with existing bus service. We plan to build a new network that is easier to understand and better meets the needs of the development occurring in the communities we serve.


Project Documents

September 2015 Update

Fox Valley Market Analysis Project Summary

December 2014 Update

Fox Valley Market Analysis Study

June 2015 Update


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This study is funded in part by a Community Planning grant from the Regional Transportation Authority.


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